Starfield Review

An Odyssey Among the Stars or Just Another Space Voyage?

Mason Moeller

9/9/20231 min read

Bethesda's "Starfield" propels players into the vastness of space, promising an unparalleled adventure filled with mystery, lore, and celestial wonder. While the game boasts numerous commendable features, it also reveals certain areas where it may drift aimlessly through the void.

At its core, "Starfield" offers an intricate universe marked by a deep lore that reflects humanity's aspirations to conquer the stars. Its narratives, both main and side quests, are compelling, engaging players in a myriad of choices and interactions. Character dynamics, particularly with companion NPCs, are both meaningful and varied, while the game's facial animations show improvement, even if they occasionally miss the mark.

The starships stand out as a hallmark feature, providing extensive customization options and underscoring the game's essence of space exploration. This depth is further accentuated by the inclusion of nuanced mechanics like the praised lock-picking mini-game, which immerses players in their interstellar endeavors.

However, even amidst the grandeur of the cosmos, "Starfield" has its black holes. Initial hours can be disorienting, an issue exacerbated by the absence of in-game maps. This lack of guidance makes settling into the game and discovering settlements more challenging than desired. Additionally, the worlds, though diverse in appearance, often feel empty and devoid of the lively immersion one might expect from a game of this magnitude.

Combat, on the other hand, manages to retain engagement. While it might not rewrite the annals of gaming warfare, the ship-to-ship combat and boarding mechanics provide a refreshing thrill. Yet, the overall combat design doesn't stray too far from Bethesda's traditional mold, which could be seen as either comfortingly familiar or disappointingly uninnovative.

Technically, "Starfield" is a mixed bag. Bethesda seems to have reined in the bug issues that plagued some of their past titles. However, players should still brace themselves for occasional technical glitches, from texture pop-ins to the rare game crash.

In summation, "Starfield" is a vast canvas that paints both brilliance and missed opportunities. While it thrusts players into the enchanting expanse of space, offering lore-rich narratives and deep gameplay mechanics, it sometimes stumbles in its execution. Whether seen as a pioneering space odyssey or a familiar voyage with a new backdrop, "Starfield" undeniably carves out its niche in the gaming cosmos.