Redfall Review

A Co-op Shooter That Sucks More Than Its Vampires

Mason Moeller

5/5/20232 min read

Redfall is a game that tries to do many things, but doesn’t succeed in most of them. It’s a co-op shooter with RPG elements, set in a town overrun by vampires and cultists. It’s also a game by Arkane Studios, the developers of Dishonored and Prey, two of my favorite games of all time. So naturally, I had some hope for Redfall, but I was mostly let down by what I found.

The gameplay of Redfall isn't great and repetitive. You choose one of four characters, each with their own abilities and weapons, and you go around shooting enemies and completing objectives. The abilities are somewhat interesting and original, but they don’t synergize well with each other or the weapons. The weapons are also average and uninspired, and they don’t feel satisfying to use. The enemies are dull and predictable, and they pose no real challenge or threat. The objectives are mostly fetch quests or escort missions, and they don’t vary much throughout the game.

The story and narrative of Redfall are also weak and poorly written. The game tries to have a dark and humorous tone, but it doesn’t achieve either. The dialogue is cringeworthy and full of clichés and jokes that fall flat. The characters are shallow and annoying, and they don’t have any meaningful development or interactions. The plot is nonsensical and full of holes, and it doesn’t explain anything about the world or the vampires or the cultists or why you’re fighting them. The game also has multiple endings, but they don’t make any sense or have any impact on the game.

The graphics and visuals of Redfall are decent, but not impressive. The game has a colorful and stylized art style, but it lacks detail and polish. The animations are stiff and awkward, and the physics are buggy and unrealistic. The game also suffers from technical issues, such as framerate drops, crashes, glitches, and loading screens. The game is not optimized well for either PC or Xbox Series X, and it doesn’t look or run as good as it should.

The performance of Redfall is also disappointing, especially for a co-op game. The game has a lot of connectivity and matchmaking problems, and it’s hard to find and join a game with other players. The game also has a lot of lag and latency issues, and it’s frustrating to play with other players who have different ping or connection quality. The game also has a lot of bugs and exploits, and it’s easy to break the game or cheat the system. The game also lacks content and replay value, and it doesn’t offer much incentive to keep playing or to try different characters or builds.

Redfall is a game that I wanted to like, but I couldn’t. It’s a game that has some potential, but it’s wasted. It’s a game that has a lot of problems, but it doesn’t fix them. It’s a game that doesn’t live up to its name or its developer. It’s a game that I don’t recommend playing, unless you’re really curious or really bored. Redfall is a game that deserves a 5/10.