The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

A Vibrant Homage to Mario's Legacy

Mason Moeller

4/6/20231 min read

The Super Mario Bros. Movie brings the iconic world of Nintendo's flagship franchise to the big screen, serving as a celebration of the series' long-standing legacy. While it crafts a visual and auditory experience that fans will find familiar and engaging, it remains a straightforward journey through Mario's universe.

The film's soundtrack is a standout, a musical delight that spans the entirety of Mario's storied history. The clear nods to the games, incorporating classic tunes and new compositions resonates with fans. It enriches the movie, adding an extra layer of nostalgia, yet it's crafted in a way that doesn't alienate newcomers to the franchise. The score is a love letter to the franchise's auditory legacy and to the masterfull composers behind Nintendo’s iconic game soundtracks.

Continuing on the auditory front, the voice acting in the movie truly shines, giving depth and personality to characters traditionally not known for extensive dialogue. Chris Pratt lends his voice to Mario, delivering a performance that's both emotionally resonant and infused with fun, capturing the essence of the beloved plumber. The supporting cast doesn't lag behind, with Jack Black's portrayal of Bowser standing out as a highlight, showcasing remarkable voice acting and singing talent showcased in the amazing song "Peaches".

On the visual front, the animation dazzles with its faithful recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom's diverse landscapes and characters. The attention to detail and vibrant color palette capture the essence of the games, making every scene a joy to watch. The movie is peppered with references and easter eggs, rewarding fans without overwhelming the narrative.

The story itself is simple yet effective, mirroring the straightforward plots of the video games. It focuses on heroism, adventure, and the value of friendship and brotherhood, themes that are universal and easy for the audience to connect with. While the narrative may not delve deep into complex character development, it succeeds in providing a fun and engaging experience.

In essence, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a fun homage to Mario and his adventures. It balances fan service with accessibility, ensuring that both long-time fans and those new to the franchise can enjoy the ride. While it may tread familiar ground, it does so with enough charm and vibrancy to make it a worthwhile watch for anyone looking to spend some time in Mario's world.