Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 Review

A Cosmic Farewell to Marvel’s Most Ragtag Family

Mason Moeller

5/5/20232 min read

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is a roller coaster ride of emotions, as James Gunn bids farewell to his cosmic misfits. The film is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, but also a heartbreaking one, as it deals with themes of loss, redemption, and family.

The film follows the Guardians as they try to save Rocket from his creator, the High Evolutionary, who wants to use him as a weapon to destroy all life in the universe. Along the way, they encounter Adam Warlock, a powerful being who initially attacks them, but later joins them in their fight. The film also explores Rocket’s past, as we see how he was tortured and experimented on by the High Evolutionary, and how he found love and friendship with other animals.

The film is a masterclass in storytelling, as it balances humor, action, and drama. The film has some of the funniest moments in the MCU, such as Drax’s hilarious interactions with his daughter Moondragon, Groot’s rebellious antics, and Star-Lord’s obsession with his Zune. The film also has some of the most thrilling action sequences, such as the opening battle with Adam Warlock, the chase through Orgocorp’s headquarters, and the final showdown with the High Evolutionary. The film also has some of the most emotional scenes, such as Rocket’s flashbacks, Gamora’s struggle with her identity, and Nebula’s confrontation with Korath.

The film is also a showcase for the cast, who deliver stellar performances. Chris Pratt brings charm and vulnerability to Star-Lord, who is still mourning Gamora. Zoe Saldana gives depth and nuance to Gamora, who is trying to find her place in a new timeline. Dave Bautista adds humor and heart to Drax, who reconnects with his daughter. Karen Gillan shows growth and courage as Nebula, who faces her old nemesis. Pom Klementieff brings sweetness and loyalty to Mantis, who supports her friends. Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper bring life and personality to Groot and Rocket, who steal the show with their bond. Will Poulter impresses as Adam Warlock, who goes from a naive villain to a noble hero. Chukwudi Iwuji is menacing as the High Evolutionary, who is a formidable foe. The film also features great supporting roles from Sean Gunn, Linda Cardellini, Nathan Fillion, and Sylvester Stallone.

The film is not flawless, however. It has some problems with pacing, CGI, and character development. The film feels a bit rushed in some parts, especially in the third act, where it tries to wrap up everything. The film also relies too much on CGI, which sometimes looks fake and distracting. The film also wastes some potential with Adam Warlock’s character, who could have been more fleshed out and explored. The film also has some plot holes and inconsistencies, such as how the High Evolutionary survived Thanos’ snap, how Adam Warlock knew about the Guardians, and how Star-Lord survived in space.

Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is a worthy finale to the trilogy that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer. It is a tribute to James Gunn’s vision and passion, and a testament to the power of storytelling. It is a galactic adventure that will leave you feeling awesome.